Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Getting Ready For Heavy Duty

Acropolis Pizza Interior Makeover Underway

 After a couple of arduous days of studio improvement, we are set up to move into production on our transformation of Acropolis Pizza on Airport Road in Arden. 

During the course of our project, the entire interior of the restaurant will be converted to an old European village. There will be focal murals of a Venetian canal, St. Sava church in Belgrade (the oldest Christian Orthodox church in the world) and the Parthenon in Greece.

Conceptual mock-up of the design for the project.
Stay tuned for more project updates... 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Get Seen. Be Remembered.

Two Local Businesses Breaking Free from Big Box Boredom

Our clients are making bold creative moves that will surely set them apart from the competition. 

A move that many local businesses are starting to make, these unique establishments are drawing attention to their personalized approach. Their individualized nature is what sets them apart from the field in this community that values creative vision over a mass-produced look.

Willow Dreams On

Owner/ Designer Scott David Smith puts finishing touches on the portrait phase of this exterior makeover project
Sneak peek ("See It In Color digital rendering) of the next phase-- which will embrace the Asheville community
 Our on-going project with Willow's Dream at 64 Broadway has been receiving media attention with it's eye-grabbing imagery and bold color palette. The "blue sky building" on Broadway with it's portrait of the owner's daughter (Willow) can't be missed. Tourists are already noticing it as a landmark and stop to photograph it often. Locals are eager to know what each new phase will bring. Owners Marcy and Hunter Lanier are, of course, enjoying the attention that their Salon, Spa and Distinctive Gift Shop is drawing.

View from the Acropolis (Pizza Restaurant)

Sneak peek of a conceptual design ("See It In Color" digital rendering) for Acropolis Restaurant in Arden

You may think that you have heard the name of this establishment before (and you probably have), but this is no franchise. Locally owned Acropolis  Pizza Restaurant at 140 Airport Road in Arden serves up an exceptional blend of Greek, Italian and Serbian influenced recipes that will impress a wide audience.

Interested in using Art, Color and Design to transform their interior into an Old-World European village, the owners-- first generation Serbian- American Aleks Stamatovich and his wife Ashley--  have hired Renovate With Color to work our creative magic and make sure that their clients have something to talk about in addition to the extraordinary menu. Stay tuned as this transformation happens.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Update Blast

Here's What We've Been Up To

Out and about:
Willow's Dream Exterior Makeover/ Transformation
Posing for tourist shots
"Portrait of Willow" phase complete (more on that-- and better photos-- later)
(Watch for the next phase of Willow's Dream Exterior Makeover-- Operation Swirls, Twirls, Hearts and Feathers)

In the studio:
Commissioned Oil on canvas
Color study for commissioned landscape
100" x 60" oil on canvas commissioned landscape (in the new studio at Riverview Station on Lyman St.!!)
On the horizon: interior makeover for Acropolis Pizza in Arden... stay tuned!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Only Constant is Change

Here are some shots of the ever-evolving Willow's Dream Storefront Makeover project. Thanks to Marne (who lives across the parking lot) for these great photos.

 Somehow the frame turned to silver... mysterious.

Stay tuned for more change coming soon...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Canvas Work On Display

I just dropped off some paintings at Mix Vintage-- a cool vintage modern furnishings shop in Biltmore Village. Lots of great stuff to discover there, including these two pieces that I brought with me from Oakland and have had in storage since. Swing by and check them out some time. Owner Michelle is super nice and has a great collection.

You can also see these and more of my work up close here.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Operation Mystery Mirror: Willow's Dream Storefront Makeover

Our makeover project for Willow's Dream Salon and gift shop continues. We call this phase The Mystery Mirror. It plays off an idea that I got from an old Yellow Pages billboard campaign that ran in Manhattan in the early 90's. We wanted to extend the suspense a little while before the next phase. 
 The next phase will reveal itself in a week or so... Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Storefront Transformation/ Makeover: Operation Blue Sky Building

Willow's Dream-- Salon, Spa and Unique Gifts

Here is the "before" shot of our work-in-progress  for Willow's Dream. Some of you may remember the storefront makeover that we installed for this great local salon/spa/ gift shop a few years ago, which was the customer's provided design. Recently we were called back by owner Marcy Lanier to do an update. She was looking for something fresh and eye-catching. 

What we came up with for her was a project that would not only accomplish that goal, but add another level. 

Part street/performance art, part guerrilla marketing, the plan is to let the new makeover/ transformation evolve gradually in order to draw attention from Downtown Asheville's constant foot and vehicle traffic.

This will happen in several phases-- the first of which we just completed.
We call it: Operation Blue Sky. 
We wanted a stunning color that captured the clear blue of a sunny day in Asheville that would also stand out among the surrounding brick reds and browns of the street.

This first phase came together very well, we feel-- a beautiful gradient of cerulean blues.  It will serve as the background for the following phases.

Whereas before the building was almost camouflaged-- now it is an instant landmark on Asheville's Broadway Street: "The Blue-Sky Building".

And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for Phase Two: The Mystery Frame...