Monday, November 18, 2013

Gogh or No Gogh?

The colors of this room by Redoit Design remind me of the saturated palettes in paintings by Vangogh such as this:

Definitely not for the faint of heart, this sort of intensified color scheme also reminds me of the work of Mexican Architect Luis Barragan.
What are your thoughts? Could you live in a Barragan house (assuming you had the spare $8-10 million?). How about a Vangogh inspired interior?

How To Make Your Brick and Mortar Shine

 The work of a collective called (fos), this installation in Madrid, Spain is a superb example of the power of art, color, design and paint to transform a store front.

As you can see from this in-progress shot, (fos) used a great design sense and some cool "trompe l'oeil" tricks to turn a store front that was virtually invisible before into a conversation piece/ landmark.
 This project ties seamlessly into a key theme of mine for businesses, namely-- getting seen and being remembered. I can also see this idea easily reflected in branding for Rayen.

What are your thoughts? 
Would you be interested in finding out more about Rayen if you walked by their business?
Would you be interested in something like this for your business?


Friday, November 15, 2013

The Science and Spirtual Resonance of Paint

Below is a link to a recent article that is featured on the National Endowment for the Arts website about Gamblin Paint Company. I've been using their excellent oil paints for several years now. 

This commission piece (my largest to date at roughly 9' x 5') was painted with Gamblin paint for a client in France: 

 The article is a great read for anyone interested in how artist's oil paint is manufactured from raw pigment. Enjoy!

Painting the Town Napthol Red

The Science and Spiritual Resonance of Paint

- See more at:

Painting the Town Napthol Red

The Science and Spiritual Resonance of Paint

- See more at:

 Painting the Town Napthol Red

The Science and Spiritual Resonance of Paint

By Rebecca Gross

Painting the Town Napthol Red

The Science and Spiritual Resonance of Paint

- See more at:
Buckets of red, white, blue, yellow, and black paint.

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Disney Princess Dream Come True

If You Wish Upon A Star...

I was looking through my image files and realizing that there are a few that I neglected to post just by virtue if being too busy.

This was a wonderful project that happened last year whereby we got to make a Christmas wish come true.

We created this Disney-inspired mural in a little girl's room. She is in love with Disney's movie The Princess and The Frog. So her amazing parents wanted to have a mural created in her bedroom for a Christmas gift that had the little girls face on the princess' body. 

We don't make a habit of saying no-- especially when it makes a sweet little girl's dream come true-- so...


Monday, September 23, 2013

Just Say No To Beige

We've just finished putting the final touches on a great color transformation project-- a perfect example of how to renovate with color, and how neutral is not necessarily a good thing.

The palette we chose was all Benjamin Moore-- installed in Aura matte finish.
These three colors (with some slight modifications) are the anchor of the design.

The home is a modern hybrid built 6 years ago in the Asheville area. The color throughout-- chosen and installed by the builder-- was a pale beige with a pink undertone. The trim throughout was off-white-- also with a pink undertone. 

Here's a "before" kitchen view. As you can see, it was pretty vanilla.

The client loves autumn colors and wanted to bring warmth and intention to the home. She said that the previous color was chosen as a "neutral" just to get them moved in. She added that, at first, she didn't notice the pink undertones, but after 6 years they have started to really bother her.

That's why she called us.
Here's an "after" shot of the kitchen.

After guiding the client through our color selection process, we arrived at a palette that is both warm and comforting with a slight touch of modern distinctiveness.

The dining area got a metallic "strie" glaze to give it a little bit of glamor. (Next on our list is a furniture make-over-- stay tuned for that).
The colors that were chosen were bold, so we used a warm gray to neutralize them somewhat.

This is a "before" view of the loft area as well as the foyer.

Here's the "after". Note that we changed the railing stain to match the cabinetry and other wood in the house.  The splash of purple is a hidden surprise of color that can only be seen from this viewpoint.

The Rockport Gray "bookends" the great room and loft area's-- creating a base for the Audubon Russet-- a strong but comforting color that envelopes these two common areas.

This is upstairs in the loft area "before"...

... and after.
Here's the view from above-- looking down into the Great Room. The railing-- previously clear-coated pine-- was matched to the mantels seen below on the chimney.
Finally, we made the trim color throughout linen white in Advance pearl finish. Advance is an amazing product from Benjamin Moore-- a water-washup oil paint that lays on like an old-school enamel. This warm white augmented the palette perfectly. 
In the end, the clients were very happy with this complete transformation of their home through color.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tapas Program Kicks Off

Owner, Scott David Smith, Joins TAPAS Program to Help Bring Art to Public Schools


The Asheville City Schools Foundation kicked off their Teaching Artists Presenting in Asheville Schools program a few weeks ago. This is a grant-based program which is made possible though a partnership with LEAF in Schools and Streets, UNCA Asheville, and the Local Arts Community. 

The goals of TAPAS include exposing Asheville City Schools' students to The Arts while supporting their core curriculum by integrating art with other subject matter.
I am proud to announce that I will be a TAPAS artist-in-residence for at least one (Claxton Elementary) and possibly two more schools this year! These will all be mural-based projects. Having volunteered as an assistant for TAPAS projects in previous years, I am excited to now head up  my own.

Stay tuned as these develop. Claxton's project has already been awarded through a separate "Innovation Grant" (also through ACSF). The others will be announced in late September.

Monday, August 5, 2013

It's A Wrap

Office Environments Building Wrap Makeover Complete
Our project for Office Environments new building at 71 Thompson St. in Asheville is complete-- maybe. Consideration is being given to adding printed (white) window film to complete the design in the windows.  

What do you think? Film or no film?
Here's the final product on the super-challenging "pebble-dash" stucco. We're pretty proud of the results that we were able to achieve with a paint sprayer, and the client is very happy too-- which is what truly matters.

A lot of bug friends stopped by to visit during this project. This guy came by today. I think he's a good omen.